Mixing (Mastering Included)


Price example:
Minium cost for a 45 minute album of Drums/Bass/Guitars/Vocals is 2300€ + 25% VAT
(incl. free mastering for 1 format (usually cost 450€ + 25% VAT)

If your music is more complex, and have complex guitar arrangements, both clean and growling vocals, lots of keyboards or orchestrations, the price will of course be a bit higher, since it takes a lot more time to balance correctly.

To get a more exact quote for your band please use the "Contact" function
please get in touch via email!


50€ including mastering of material up to 5 minutes in length
after that 10€/min of playing time

Please get in touch
for a price quote
on a Full length album
or an EP

We also do STEM mastering.

Sometimes to the same price as a normal mastering
sometimes, if some of the STEM's need individual work,
it costs a few euros more!


We also do remastering
of older CD's releases
aimed for a vinyl release.

Also here, get in touch for a price quote.
This service have already been used on
LP re-issues from
Unanimated, Sacramentum, Samael,
Poisonblack, Riverside, Dream Evil,
Genocide Superstars, Within Reach,
Charon, Vildhjarta, Dissection,
Vinterland, Winds of Plague
and many more.


We can also do Cassette transfers,
4 track porta tape transfers,
DAT transfer
and 1/2" reel to reel transfers
from recordings done on
Fostex E16 and B16
(some 8 track 1/2" machines will work as well)

Get in touch for a price quote.

Please use the "Contact" function
to get in touch via email!

About VAT

25% VAT is added to the total price
when the session is paid from inside the EU
without a valid interational VAT number.

For more info, get in touch :)