Mixing (Mastering Included)

Start up price is 500€ and then 40€ per minute of the total playing time of your material.

(Example: One song 3 minutes song: 620€ - One album 45 minutes long: 2300€)

All prices are excluding 25% VAT - Read all about it the VAT section to the right.

The audio files are uploaded to an FTP server as password protected WinRar archives.
(ZIP archives are fine as well, as long as they are password protected)

"Performance enhancement" such as Drum editing, Vocal tuning, and other "not-sound related"tweaks are not included in the price.

STEMS or "Instrumental", "Keyboards only" or "Drums only"....versions are not included in the price.

The material must be delivered as 44.1khz/24 bit WAV files all starting at 0.00 (Higher sample rates are cool too, of course)

The band will receive 320 kbps MP3s for corrections during the mix process.

The DDP master will not be sent to the band or label before I have been paid in full.

I usually offer a CD and a Vinyl (Full dynamic) version of the mix included in the price, but this means that the CD master cannot be super mega loud, like some records out there.

If you, however need a DR5 -5.5dB RMS master for your CD the Full Dynamic option is lost, since that require some drastic actions at the mix stage and the mix will be adapted to sound as good as possible with that little dynamics. Already mixed intros and outros etc. does not apply to the 40€ per minute rule.


10€ per minute of the total playing time

(Minimum cost 50€ ex. VAT)

Price are excluding 25% VAT - Read all about it the VAT section to the right.

The finished Master is delivered online as a DDP image

There is a special DDP Player included in the DDP folder, so you can audition the DDP and burn Audio CD's and export WAV files for streaming/downloads without owning a DDP program!

Mastering include 1 DDP with the CD master and 1 folder of 24 bit WAV files in Full Dynamic Range Suitable for Vinyl/Streaming or to save for a Loudness War-free future!

All other masters cost extra. Ask for a complete price. For these prices to apply, the mix must be from the same session with a similar sound from song to song.

If the Master consists of material from more than one session, (a compilation of old demos/rehearsals etc.) Then send me one track from each session and I will give you the final price.

About VAT

Outside the EU:

Persons/companies outside the EU do not pay 25% VAT on the prices.

Inside the EU:

First, check that your VAT number is good for EU business here.

If the VAT number check is successful, but the page only say "VAT number is valid" but it doesn't show the name/address etc. We need to see a document from your tax authority that proves that the VAT number is registered to you/your company before we can give you a VAT exempt.