Unisound is a mix & mastering suite operated by Dan Swanö.

Dan has been working with recordings since his early teens and has mixed albums ranging from progressive rock to grindcore.

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Subway Mirror
Koen Herfst
Shed the Skin
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Buried Realm
On Thorns I Lay
Arcanum Sanctum
Pile of Priests
Resistant Culture
Total Death
Midnight Eternal
Skeletal Remains
Spirit of Rebellion
Sentient Horror
After All
Novembers Doom

Ulan Bator
Grey Skies Fallen
Dark Legacy
Zodiac Ass
Revel in Flesh
Booze & Glory
Experiment Specimen
Cold Colours
Secret Rule
Malevolent Creation
The Cards

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2019-04-21 12:18

And while I am at it, praising stuff , I just had another awesome Positive Grid BIAS Amp Match moment. I am mixing some stuff and this melodic guitar part should clearly have been doubled up for working better along side the rhythms. So I exported the amp/miked up cab track and let Amp match analyze it. Then I played it the same part, but the DI track with one of the "Metal" presets, that sounded nothing like what I needed to begin with, and after it was done it was so close that when I panned the original to the Left and the "clone" to the Right the sound kind of disappeared when summed into mono! Now that's close!! So I had to pitch-shift the DI a few cents to get rid of this problem, and now it sounds incredible close to a good double! Crazy cool! I used to do this stuff before too, but it was never this easy and with such instant results! Check it out! It's amazing!

2019-04-21 12:10

The awesome dudes over att Audio-Assault supplied me with some cool digital tools and this one made my list of digital amps to grab when things need to be tweaked in the name of metal! The "Girth" and "Grind" knobs are very useful for DI signals that are a bit on the dark side, and the "Depth" and "Presence "buttons do just what I want them do (for a change) I am not using the built-in IR cabs at this point. I am yet to find "that one" - but I always check this kind of gear with the cabinet emulation I've been using for some time now, to have some kind of reference point to what I always use. Thanks again guys! D

2019-04-12 10:38

Another single is out from one of the best albums I ever had the pleasure to mix and master!

2019-04-10 11:55

Det är inte varje dag en av ens bröder släpper sina 400 sidor tjocka memoarer!! Det är en mycket underhållande bok, oavsett om man känner Jalle eller inte. Man får en inblick i svenskt nöjesliv, både det positiva och det negativa. Många fantastiska anekdoter om möten med alla möjliga sorters människor. Det avhandlas Creedence monster (!!) Bröderna Hårdrock och mycket annat läsvärt! Lyckades själv hamna på några sidor tack vare mitt inhopp i coverbandet Cosmoz. Knappt torr bakom öronen, fick jag lira låtar jag aldrig hade hört (!!) med två av de bästa musikerna jag har haft äran att få lira med! (andra brorsan Dag Swanö och Patrik Selsfors) Minns att medlemmar ur Motala-death Metal-maffian var synnerligen förvirrade när jag satt bakom trummorna och lirade allt från supermjukisar till slamrig Hendrix på deras stamhak (Dock iförd en vit bootleg Bolt Thrower tisha) Hur som helst. En grym bok. Jag rekommenderar den varmt som läsning i dem stundande vårsolen! Mer info från Ingjald Swanö Jalle Swanö

2019-04-08 16:50

Thanks to Positive Grid for sending me the amazing BIAS FX2, BIAS AMP2 and BIAS Pedal! softwares! I am blown away by the quality of the presets and the AMP MATCH function is incredibly useful! It's not unusual that I get a great sounding amp/cab recording for mixing but stuff is a bit out of tune and tweaking pitch stuff is always better on DI's, so I used the tuned DI through pretty similar sounding preset in "AMP" and played it the actual amp/cab recording as reference and the similarity is scary close! A very useful function indeed.Also the "Shimmer Reverb" in BIAS FX is crazy cool for those shoe gazing pad-things! I have just begun to scratch the surface of these softwares, but I have the feeling that we will good friends for a very long time ;) Mega thanks to Ø at Crosound Studio for hooking me up with Positive Grid!

2019-04-06 09:59

Thanks to Dark Legacy for the CD I mastered and the T-shirt! Awesome stuff!