Welcome to Unisound's homepage!

Unisound is a mix & mastering suite operated by Dan Swanö.

Dan has been working with recordings since his early teens and has mixed albums ranging from progressive rock to grindcore.

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If you want to hear some recent samples of my work,
just send me an email where you describe your style,
and I will get back to you a.s.a.p.

Torture Divisions latest demos who are all mixed by me can be found here.

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Work in progress.


In Progress:

Malevolent Creation (Mixtering)
I Chaos (Mixtering)
Incantation (Remastering)
After All (Mixtering)
Corrosive Elements (Mastering)

Coming up:

Tales of the Tomb (Mixtering)
Zaiph (Mixtering)
Masquerade (Mixtering)
Darkrypt (Mixtering)
Hongo (Mastering)
Vainaja (Mastering)
Novembre (Mixtering)
Witherscape (Recording/Mixtering)
Carnation (Mixtering)
Acheron (Remastering)
Buio (Mixtering)
Vinterblot (Mixtering)
God (Mixtering)
Nawather (Mastering)
Avulsed (Mastering)
Effloresce (Mixtering)

Recently ready:

Vulture (Mastering)
Rotten Cold (Mastering)
F*cking Angry (Mastering)
Hongo (Mastering)
Dew Scented (Mixtering)
Herfst (Mixtering)
Memory Garden (Mixtering)
Holocaustum (Mastering)
Revel in Flesh (Mastering)
Soulburn (Mixtering)
Coraxo (Mastering)
Hackneyed (Mastering)
Steorrah (Mastering)
Disminded (Mixtering)
Justabeli (Mastering)
The Sigourney Weavers (Mastering)
Entrails (Mixtering)
Supuration (Mastering)
Blastomycosis (Mastering)
Unicorn (Remixtering)
Reckless Manslaughter (Mixtering)
Infestdead (Remastering)
After All (Mixtering)
Dawn of Dreams (Mixtering)
Holocausto Canibal (Mastering)
Ma'anish (Mixtering)
Stormgrey (Mixtering)
Second Season Project (Mastering)
Walking with ghosts (Mastering)
Lluvia (Mastering)
Rotten Pope (Mastering)
Ignightor (Mastering)
The Project Hate (Mixtering)
Soulline (Mixtering)
Subterranean Masquerade (Mixtering)
Grand Massive (Mastering)
Edge of Sanity (Remastering/Remix)
Bloodshed (Mastering)
Revel in Flesh (Mixtering)
Kaotik (Mixtering)
Humangled (Mixtering)
Coraxo (Mastering)
Bombshell Rocks (Mastering)
Mistweaver (Mixtering)
Karlahan (Mixtering)
Infero (Mastering)
Soulburn (Mixtering)
Witherscape (Recording/Mixtering)
Shai Milman (Mastering)
Come Back from the Dead (Mastering)
Scars (Mastering)
Deserted Fear (Mixtering)
Funerus (Mixtering)
Thanatos (Mixtering)
Raster Density (Mastering)
Torture Division (Mixtering)
Passion For Sorrow (Mastering)
Ars Irae (Mastering)
Mecalimb (Mixtering)
Red Meadow (Mastering)
Shed The Skin (Mixtering)
Sin7Sins (Mixtering)
Burden of Grief (Mixtering)
Guilty as Charged (Mixtering)
Passion For Sorrow (Mastering)
National Napalm Syndicate (Mastering)
Cold Colours (Mastering)
Nightingale (Mixtering)
Ingrain (Mastering)
Novembers Doom (Mixtering)
Incantation (Mixtering)
Abscession (Mastering)
Anchor (Mastering)
Fragments of Unbecoming (Mastering)
As Light Dies (Mixtering)
Au Revoir Michell (Mastering)
Harasai (STEM Mastering)
Samchung (Mastering)
Pan-Thy-Monium (Remastering)
Decapitated Christ (STEM Mastering)
HATEdotCOM (Mixtering)
Ancient Ascendant (Mixtering)
Gluttony (Mixtering)
Gloryful (Mixtering)
The Sigourney Weavers (Mastering)
Pain of Salvation (Mastering)
Dawn (Remastering)
Scythe Beast (Mastering)
Hallows Die (Mastering)
Coraxo (Mastering)
Humangled (Mixtering)
Motorjesus (Mixtering)
Acheron (Mixtering)
Revel in Flesh (Mixtering)
Remnants of the Fallen (Mastering)
Warfuck (Mastering)

Mixtering = Mix & Mastering